Motorola Cdm1250 Programming Software

Motorola Cdm1250 Programming Software

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Needless to say, a 'hex edit' of a code plug or the software is pretty much the same. Find that you won't have any trouble programming the CDM's Out-Of-Band. MOTOROLA MICOM-2 Radio Service Software. RSS for STX Restricted to LAB use. Version R03.01.00. RSS for Motorola CPS06.04AA for HT750/1250/1550 and CDM750/CDM1250/1550 radio, version 06.04. RSS for Motorola HT-800. Good informanion about Motorola programming cables.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Waris This was originally put together when I got into the HT1250 200 MHz radios. They modified ok, but the way of doing it as suggested left much to be desired, and the DTMF pad didn't work and the radios were narrow band only.

Over time, I've gotten more into these with the CDM1250/1550 and other waris series radios. I've not seen any of the European ones, but I've been working with the US versions for FM service in ham radio.

What I've found is the radios features are determined by the 'codeplug' settings. This is simply a packed (hex) data written into the eeprom chip of the radio containing tuning, feature and programing data. This is the same area the programing data from CPS is written in, but CPS is unable to change it. The majority of modification of these radios to amateur service is done with modifications to the codeplug. The codeplug layout appears to be the same for most US versions of the radios, but there are some which are different. Flash adapter for CDM1250 radio 220 HT1250ls and CDM 1550ls This is the same as any other to modify to the amateur service from a software perspective. The issue is these radios are narrow band only on the receive path, as the 200 MHz band was never used for 25 KHz channels.

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Transmit will support wide band (and must be aligned for wide band first!) The IF filters simply need to be swapped with their wide band parts and wide band receive alignment performed. Hardware Mod Their are 3 filters in the radio, 1 at 44.85 MHz 1st IF and 2 at 455khz, 2nd IF. In a VHF/UHF Waris there is a 15KHz filter at the 1st IF followed by a 15KHz filter at the second IF and then followed by another filter. It's this last filter that is switched between narrow and wide in the VHF/UHF radios.

Motorola Programming Software, manuals & data. Programming software for the Motorola HT600/HT600E. Motorola Astro Saber CPS RSS Programming Software. Python programming. RSS for Motorola GM300 radio, you can program 40 channels to GM300 with this RSS! RSS for Motorola Saber system. RSS for Motorola GM300 professional series, GP300 professional series radio, version 03.01.02. RSS for Motorola CPS06.04AA for HT750/1250/1550 and CDM750/CDM1250/1550 radio, version 06.04. RSS for Motorola HT-800. Motorola M1225 RSS Programming Software. Motorola Professional HT/EX/CDM CPS RSS Programming Software. Motorola GP340 RSS Programming Software. Motorola GP328 CPS (R06.12) Programming Software. Motorola CP-150, CP-200 PR400 CPS Programming Software. Motorola Firmware update Kit for the GP3xx Series. About Motorola's Programming Software / Hardware: The RSS and RIB. Motorola's Radio Service Software, which is needed for programming and alignment of the Saber line of handhelds can be licensed and obtained on disk by calling Motorola Parts at 800-422-4210.

TX deviation is a setting in programming/alignment. In the 220 version, there 1st IF Filter is the same, but it has a 12KHz and then a 9 KHz filter at the second IF. I've changed out the second filters and found it works much better on the ham bands.

You need to adjust the squelch for 20/25khz channels after doing this. The tuner software (2.00.02) will do this for the HT1250 only, it will not work with the mobiles. Use to access the greyed out menus in tuner 2.16.

HT1250 Filters: Function Part Manu P/N Moto P/N Desc 220 front end 44.85MHz FL3201 MXFM10 4-pole +-7.5khz bandwidth IF2 First filter 455KHz FL3204 CFUCJ455F 9180468V04 4-pole 12khz IF2 filter narrow band filter FL3206 CFWC455G 9180469V03 6-pole 9khz The UHF handhelds use the same arrangement, but with a wider middle filter (1st @455). In wide band they switch only the 2nd 2nd IF filter to a narrow band filter. Uhf front end 44.85MHz FL301 MXFM11 IF2 First filter 455KHz FL302 CFUCJ455E 9180468V05 4-pole * IF2 filter wide band filter FL303 CFWC455E 9180469V05 6-pole * IF2 filter narrow band filter FL304 CFWC455G 9180469V03 6-pole You'll need to order the parts with the * from motorola parts for the 220 radios. The mobile and HT use the same filters. In the HT the 1st IF is under the shield, and very hard to remove.

Motorola Cdm1250 Programming Software
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