Quicken Basic 2007 Free Download

Quicken Basic 2007 Free Download

Quicken Basic 2007 Free Download Average ratng: 8,4/10 4951 votes

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Intuit Quicken is one of the world's leading money management software programs for personal and business use, but it experiences occasional glitches. As a Quicken user, you may encounter problems downloading your financial institution's data and transaction history, which is not entirely uncommon when managing multiple bank or credit accounts. Troubleshooting the problem may help save you a call to Quicken Support or your financial institution. The three main types of Quicken problems arise from account setup, server issues and connectivity. 2 Review the CONNLOG and OFXLOG in Quicken. On most versions of Quicken, these reports can be accessed from the 'Help' menu, then by clicking 'Product and Customer Support.' The CONNLOG is a basic log file that records connection attempts with your financial institution's servers.


The OFXLOG is a more in-depth log that contains account, connectivity and download information, along with error codes if applicable. Quicken recommends that you review these logs with one of their support representatives or your financial institution to properly identify the problem and find the best possible solution.

Tips • If your financial institution provides a downloadable Quicken Import File (QIF) from their website, it can be imported and loaded into Quicken. This can be an alternative method for retrieving your transaction data. • If you receive an OL error code and message, searching the Quicken Support website will usually produce an article describing the problem and a workable solution. • Although Quicken charges for technical support over the telephone, the company does offer free support via online chat on their website.

Quicken Basic 2007 Free Download
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