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Scm Xilog 3

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The problem are cause to a wrong conversion of the iso program file created by Aspan in the Xilog/XilogPlus format. To do this conversion, Aspan uses an utility created by SCM: WinXiso.exe. Usually Aspan has a copy of the winxiso file (and all the related dlls) in its installation folder, but as you can understand, considering all the versions of the Xilog interface, sometimes happens that this version cannot work with the Xilog used on the machine. To bypass this, there are two ways: Solution 1 - applicable if you have the same Xilog/XilogPlus of the machine installed on the Aspan PC: - from the first/main window of Aspan you can execute the command 'Utility -> Technical menu -> Modify Preferences', select the 'Config.

For import the configuration XILOG / XilogPlus (release Configuration > import'. (select the folder where. Throught the Service Disk procedure of ASPAN, is possible to receive an accurate assistance on the problems encountered, without the need of a direct intervention to the user, as it allows our technicians to riprodune the working environment of the user. For technical problems encountered during use of the program is always preferable to send a service disc from your installation of ASPAN before contacting technical assistance.

The procedure is different depending on the version of the program used: (it is possible to identify the exact release of ASPAN with the menu command Help > About). Barcode configuration The BarCode Reader is supported starting from ASPAN 6.0. The only supported BarCode type is '3 of 9'. Keygen crack free Just make a Part program, then go to CAD and from File => Print you can print the drawing with the BarCode in it.

From 1999 on the new series of CNC-machining centres has been initially named Xilog 3, but Routolink has been kept as a name for the previous models.

If you need further details: • You should first check that the font 3 of 9 is installed in your system: Start => Control panel => Fonts • You can configure the BarCode either from inside the Supervisor (utility => BarCode configuration), the CAD (File => Preferences 'BarCode configuration') or at the moment the Part Program is created (the 'BarCode configuration' button). ASCASP (ASCTASK), tool compensation for CUTS In AscAsp (AscTask) you can specify a tool compensation, appending, to the instruction. When using the cutter, this compensation is automatically changed to Depth compensation. If you do not want the automatic change and you want to apply a left or right compensation, you must act as follows: 1) edit the file c: aspan4 utl ascasp.ini using a text editor (in windows 95+ simply double click over this file) 2) nsert, as first line: UseC3withG=0 Example: UseC3withG=0 [USER_000] MakeDRW=1.

3) Save the file. System causes GPF when entering CAD and drawing lines or arcs We suspect the problem may be caused by the driver of the graphic card. We suggest to remove in windows 95 all accelerators in the driver,found in: control-panel, system, performance, graphics, none.

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There is a possibility that the drivers used by your graphics cardare wrong or not correct. • In the Windows 95 toolbar, click the 'Start' button. • From the Start menu, click 'Settings' -> 'Control Panel'. • In the Control panel folder double click (open) the 'System' icon.

Scm Xilog 3
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