Selmer Reference 54 Serial Numbers

Selmer Reference 54 Serial Numbers

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I'm starting to think they do this on purpose. So, I was cruisin' eBay and downloading pics. I came across a very nice looking Reference 54 Kookaburra, one of the limited edition horns made as a tribute to Charlie 'Bird' Parker. You can plainly see the serial number: 596982. Let me check the Wait a sec. 596982 = 2001. I'm pretty sure that the Kookaburra came out in '06.

Join the jazz saxophonists who have rediscovered the sound of the legendary Mark VI, and have made the Selmer 72 Reference 54 alto saxophone their horn of choice. The Reference 54 alto takes its inspiration from a 1958 mid-70,000 serial number Mark VI. In 1885, following graduation from the Paris Conservatory, Henri Selmer and brother Alexandre began building reeds and woodwind instruments in Paris, France.

I re-checked the website (which is mainly Flash, so I can't link to it). OK, let's check the for serials.

Only goes up to 1992, s/n 490000. Wait a second. The serial number chart on for 1992 says 486000. In other words, the French and US serial number charts don't match. It's just one year and 4000 horns, but still. Heck, that's what, 6 to 10 years or more of SML sax production?

Here's the second thing. This Kookaburra, limited edition, painstakingly crafted, hand-made showpiece of Selmer that they only made a couple hundred of (total), has the wrong serial number stamped. It probably should be 696982. Scroll down on a bit to see the justification for the 696xxx number. If you don't think this is a big deal, let's just change the horn mentioned: Some Guy: I've got a Selmer Mark VI Eb alto I inherited from my father, s/n 233976.


I don't know anything about saxophones, but these are selling for $1.8 million on eBay. Music Shop: Dude. That's not a Mark VI serial number. SG: I don't believe you.

MS: Here's the serial number chart. Read it and weep. You just have one of 'em. Tell ya what. I'll give you $150 for it. In 50 years, you might be substituting 'Kookaburra Reference 54' in that conversation.

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New to the site and have a question. I'm a intermediate sax player and i'm looking to buy a used selmer reference 54 horn. Does anyone have any information on serial numbers and how to check them? The horn i'm interested in purchasing is not located in the USA and has a serial number of 11220135.

It is a 2009 model. Is there a way to check this out to make sure it is ligitimately a Selmer horn and not a replicated version? Any help would be appreciated. If you have any reason not to trust the seller, don't buy the horn. With a reputable seller, even with an overseas purchase you should have no doubt that a sax advertised as a Ref. 54 really is a Ref. If you are skeptical, just look elsewhere.

Selmer Reference 54 Serial Numbers
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