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Active Anticheat

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Help Active Anticheat Bypass/Crack/Workaround Interlude. Kmspico v1012 final activation windows office download. By pepega, December 29, 2018 in Request Hacks & Cheats [English] help. Reply to this topic; Start.

When launching l2.exe a window with title Active Launcher opens and shows me me an error: 'Can't unload critical files, please, close all games! The game worked fine during open beta before the anticheat was added. I'm using the 1.5 client with 1.5 patch and have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 libraries installed.

Also, seeing how some people are also experiencing various problems with Active Anticheat software is there any chance you will start using some less agressive anticheat solution in the future?

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Active Anticheat
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