Caterpillar Electronic Technician Crackle

Caterpillar Electronic Technician Crackle

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Posting her letter of resignation on Twitter after submitting it to her superiors, Morris noted a divergence in approach to EHR modernization. In June, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie was about efforts to privatize the VA during his confirmation hearings. “Over the last few weeks, it has become clear to me that VA’s leadership intends to take the EHR modernization effort in a different direction than we were headed, and since my service as CHIO was always intended to be an interim solution, I am offering my resignation to the administration effective immediately.” Her resignation, which took effect immediately, comes in the wake of the departure of Ashwini Zenooz, the chief medical officer in charge of EHR implementation.


“some jitters” inside the VA about top-level turnover and staff expertise during the implementation of the new EHR system for the department. See her full statement below.

Caterpillar Electronic Technician Crackle
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