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MIME Types List I have compiled a full list of MIME types using the 'mime.types' file of the Apache HTTPD. I took the liberty of adding a name/description for each MIME type so that it's clearer what they represent. I have also included a significant link for each type with more details for it.

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If you think this list is missing elements, please so I can update it. What is a MIME type?

MIME stands for 'Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It's a way of identifying files on the Internet according to their nature and format. For example, using the 'Content-type' header value defined in a HTTP response, the browser can open the file with the proper extension/plugin. What is an Internet Media Type? 'Internet Media Type' is the same as a MIME type.

MIME types were originally created for emails sent using the SMTP protocol. Nowadays, this standard is used in a lot of other protocols, hence the new naming convention 'Internet Media Type'. What is a Content-Type?

Shrift Sssr Dlya FotoshopShrift Sssr Dlya Fotoshop

A 'Content-type' is simply a header defined in many protocols, such as HTTP, that makes use of MIME types to specify the nature of the file currently being handled. What does a MIME type look like? A MIME type is a string identifier composed of two parts: a 'type' and a 'subtype'. The 'type' refers to a logical grouping of many MIME types that are closely related to each other; it's no more than a high level category. 'subtypes' are specific to one file type within the 'type'. For example, the MIME value 'application/xml' is used for XML documents and specifies that the 'xml' subtype belongs in the 'application' type.

Why are some MIME subtypes prefixed with 'x-'? The 'x-' prefix of a MIME subtype simply means that it's non-standard, i.e. Not registered with the 'Internet Assigned Numbers Authority' (IANA). Why are some MIME subtypes prefixed with 'vnd'? The 'vnd' prefix means that the MIME value is vendor specific. How can I set the Content-type header of my files?

It depends on the programming language you are using. Note that most language have a default 'Content-type' of 'text/html'. • Setting the Content-type in ASP: <% response.ContentType='text/html'%> • Setting the Content-type in C#: // Response is of type System.Web.HttpResponse response.ContentType = 'text/plain'; • Setting the Content-type in Java: // Response is of type javax.servlet.ServletReponse response.setContentType('text/plain'); • Setting the Content-type in Perl/CGI: print 'Content-type:text/html'; • Setting the Content-type in PHP.

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Shrift Sssr Dlya Fotoshop
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